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    Step by Step Tutorial: Make BIG Money On YouTube Without Making Videos

    adminadmin Youtuber 2021-05-20 52 0

    This is one of the best ways you can make money on YouTube without ever showing your facein the camera and without ever filming the videos yourself. And in this video, I will explain youhow you can set up this business in less than 15 minutes by following the simple six steps process. So I structured this video to be like a step-by-step mini course that people wouldusually charge $300 for. But I'm giving it away to you for absolutely free in this video.

    So ifyou do appreciate that just stab the like button. Just leave a thumbs up down below. Now the factthat people are making a lot of money on YouTube is honestly not a secret. We all know there's alot of money to be made on this platform. But despite that people are still choosing not todo it.

    Why? Well, some of the reasons are super expensive and complicating cameras,filming yourself and putting your face out there on the internet forever, taking countless retakes,shooting for hours, being charismatic and having a good on-camera personality,then more expensive equipment like microphones, lights, complicated video editing software, andmuch more. But what if you can just escape that hard and expensive part and just make money onYouTube without ever filming the videos yourself? Well, this is something that I personally do for aliving. I run three different faceless YouTube channels where I have never filmed any of thevideos myself but I'm making money every single day through different revenue sources including adrevenue, affiliate marketing, and brand deal. So today I want to show you one of the ways you cando this by following the simple six steps process. Now, first of all, you only need to understand onesimple thing.

    And that is even though you can run this faceless YouTube business in any niche youprefer whether that's gaming, fitness, lifestyle, or whatever you want to, it's not gonna be asprofitable as if you were focusing on some more serious niche like business, finance, and money. And the reason being is CPM. CPM is cost per 1000 views. And while in the fitness niche you're beingpaid around $2 per 1000 views, in the finance space you can get paid up to 50 or $70 per 1000views which is a significant difference. So if you were to focus on the fitness niche, for example,you would need 1 million views to make the same amount of money as if you had 100,000 views in thebusiness niche.

    Now, don't worry, you do not need any expertise in any of these because you will notbe making those videos yourself. And here I found this finance channel that is, according to SocialBlade, getting 11 million views on a monthly basis. 11 million views every single month in thefinance niche. And according to Social Blade, with an average CPM of two to $4, he's making up to$43,000 just from the ad revenue. But they're using the normal entertainment CPM which is,as I said, $2 up to maybe $4.

    But if you take the average of finance CPM which is around $20 and youmultiply 11 million views with a $20 CPM, that's over $200,000 just from the ad revenue. $200,000a month just from ads alone every 30 days. And how do I know that the finance CPM is reallyhigh? Well, this is one of the videos that I made kind in the finance niche. It wasn't completely inthe finance niche but you can see that the CPM was around $10 per 1000 views. So you can see that for1.

    7 million views, I got $15,000 in ad revenue. So the CPM is really high in the finance and businessspace. Now, here's another finance channel that I found that is getting approximately 2. 2 millionviews every single month. As you can see, in the last 30 days they got 2.

    2 million views which isapproximately $44,000 in ad revenue every single month just from ads alone. That's over $1,000profit every single day. And the channel in question is "Satoshi Stacker" whichis posting videos related to business, finance, and cryptocurrency. And in none of their videosinclude their face. If you open up any of their videos, for example this one that was publishedone minute ago and almost got 1000 views, you will be able to see that every single video isjust a result of screen recording and different stock footage.

    So they will never film any ofthese videos and they will never show their face. And now I want to explain you how you can do thisstep-by-step beginning with step number one. Step number one is getting the video idea evenif you know nothing about business, finance, and cryptocurrency. Now, there are two different waysyou can complete the step number one. You can complete it by yourself and just find a videoidea yourself.

    Or you can hire someone in Fiverr for really cheap like for five or $10 to get youthe video idea.

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