Hunan Nanshan National Park Smart Park construction started

On July 10, 2020, the Nanshan National Park Smart Park construction project was launched.

The project has a total investment of 73.94 million yuan and will build a smart management center and smart system platform. Among them, the intelligent system platform will build five major systems including intelligent perception system, network transmission system, cloud data center system, intelligent management system and intelligent application system, as well as 25 subsystems such as ecological resource data collection, hydrological data collection, and meteorological data collection. Mainly use cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data and other technologies to promote the national park business informatization, establish big data decision-making, cloud information services, intelligent development and other mechanisms to form a new model of high-quality and efficient development of national parks.

After the completion of the Nanshan National Park Wisdom Park construction project, it will further improve Nanshan National Park's capabilities in ecological protection, scientific research display, dynamic monitoring, emergency response and data collection, and promote modernization and informatization of management.