Cinemas closed during the epidemic in China will be reopened soon

Notice of the National Film Administration on the orderly advancement of the reopening of movie theaters under the normal conditions of epidemic prevention and control

The notice of orderly advancing the reopening of movie theaters under normal conditions of epidemic prevention and control is as follows.

1. Adhere to the principle of zoning and classification. Low-risk areas can resume business in an orderly manner on July 20, under the premise of effective implementation of various prevention and control measures in movie theaters. Middle and high-risk areas are temporarily closed for business. Once adjusted from low-risk areas to medium-high-risk areas, the epidemic prevention and control regulations shall be strictly implemented, and the prevention and control measures shall be strictly implemented.

Second, strictly implement territorial management and industry management responsibilities. After the competent film departments of all regions report the work arrangements for the restoration of the opening of the cinema to the local party committee and government for approval, the local epidemic prevention and control departments shall proceed with the orderly advancement of the restoration of business. It is necessary to formulate the epidemic prevention and control plan and emergency plan, strengthen the guidance and inspection of the resumed movie theater, and pay close attention to the cinema's epidemic prevention and control and resumption of operation. The specific time for resumption of work in various regions and related arrangements shall be reported to the National Film Administration.

3. Precise scientific implementation of prevention and control measures. When restoring the opening of movie theaters, epidemic prevention safety should be the first priority, consolidate the main responsibilities of cinema lines and theaters, strictly abide by the requirements of local epidemic prevention and control departments, improve the system, improve measures, and effectively implement normal prevention and control, make appointments, and limit flow, Intervals are in place, personnel inspections are in place, environmental disinfection is in place, and emergency treatment is in place.

All units in all regions should conscientiously implement the requirements of this notice, in accordance with the "Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of the Reopening of Film Projections at the China Film Distribution and Screening Association", pay close attention to all prevention and control work, and promote the restoration and opening of movie theaters in a safe and orderly manner. The implementation process Report any situation in time.