What is dagogo?

What is dagogo? The name has a story: Every time I say to my 4-year-old daughter: do you want to play with me? She always says: no~ you should go to work dad, and make money. I say: I'm a little tired. She says: Oh you can hold on.

So, okay, i go to work and start this website, i begin to make money, so this site name is : dadgogo.

Dadgogo is a search engine box aggregation site, its ultimate goal is to save you time. In this website, different types of search boxes are summarized, including pictures, videos, web pages, music, shopping, reading and so on. Every type of website will be included in Dadgogo, and this work is ongoing.

Dadgogo doesn't store any information or do web crawlers. What we do is to provide an entrance to make your internet more convenient. You can think of him as a new creation, a new software invention.

Of course, if your website is excellent, you can email us and we will add it in our site. In addition, most importantly, if your website appears in Dadgogo and you don't like this way, you can email us and we will take it down immediately.

In a word, we hope everyone will like this new website. This is an entrepreneurial project of mine, which has proved feasible in my country, so I want to expand it to the world. Our email address is: kingpus@gmail.com, welcome to contact us.